About Jabbrrbox
Jabbrrbox is an on demand, private third place to escape the mobs.
Jabbrrbox can be found in Airports, Building Lobbies, Hotel Lobbies, Trade Shows, etc. Really anyplace with a high density of people to find a bit of privacy.
Simple. Become a member, find, reserve, unlock and enjoy
Contact us direct to discuss your location and placement
Jabbrrbox is a community which to some degree relies on its members to clean up after themselves. With that said we know accidents happen and we are just a quick call away to assist. We also have regularly scheduled cleanings, so don’t worry, you won’t be walking into a mess. If by chance you do please let us know right away so we may take that Jabbrrbox offline and set you up in another location.
Our current Jabbrrbox units are scaled for 1, but 2 people can fit, if that’s your thing. Please keep in mind that any guest is the member’s responsibility and all terms apply to all parties. No more than 2 people are permitted from entering a single Jabbrrbox at a time.
If your mother wouldn’t approve it’s probably safe to say it is not allowed. Please review and respect our terms and conditions and leave the Jabbrrbox in the condition you would like to find it, clean. Not to be a party pooper, but we have a zero tolerance policy for any acts that are either illegal or inappropriate, and reserve the right to penalize and assess fees for any/all damages
By all means, yes, please do so. We love to see your posts show up on our feeds. #jabbrrbox. We are we are @jabbrrbox on instagram and twitter. You can find us on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.
Jabbrrbox is outfitted with encrypted WiFi, LED Lighting, Plug & USB Charging. Some units are also outfitted for Screen Sharing, Video Calls & Bluetooth connectivity to Speakers for hands free calling or listening to your favorite tune or eBook. Please see location description for more details.
At the beginning of your reservation you will receive both a door PIN code for access and WiFi password for encrypted surfing.
No worries, and please, do not mistake Jabbrrbox for a restroom. Your individual PIN code will work throughout the duration of your reservation, so come and go as you please.
Jabbrrbox rates vary slightly by location and time of day. Each location is clearly labeled at time of booking so there are never any surprises.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Android Pay and American Express
Checking-in & Checking-out
Please take a moment and look at your reservation text confirmation. This included a PIN code for access. Type the PIN code into the door handle and voila, the door unlocks.
Don’t you fret. Contact us at support@jabbrrbox.com and we will get back to you asap.
Yes. The touch screen shows a countdown clock. At the end of your time, it will show a 'Thank you' page and the lights will change to a pulsating white light.
Yes, please stay as long as you need. Initial reservations are limited at 2 hours, and if you made an on-demand reservation you will need to exit your Jabbrrbox and process a new payment for additional time. If you booked via our mobile app you can easily extend your reservation as many times as you would like in our standard reservation durations for as long as your unit is available.
No, the door permanently remains locked, therefore please be sure to keep your PIN code with you if you leave and plan to return to unlock the door again.
No, reservations are billed for the full extent of the reservation as your PIN code will remain active and no other members will be able to gain access.
Canceled Reservations
Yes, and No. If you cancel your reservation prior to 7 days before your selected time you will not be penalized. Reservation cancellations beyond the 7 day mark will be billed in full.
Please contact us at support@jabbrrbox.com and we will assist in whatever you need.