Jabbrrbox in the press

"Haven't quite got that executive club status or just find airport lounges overwhelming? A new concept has appeared in Terminal B of New York's LaGuardia Airport that could be the answer."


"These Private Airport Booths Are an Introvert’s Dream"


"Jabbrrbox Transports The Office To The Airport"


"We've all been there. You've got a little time to kill but you can't find a place to charge your phone or to jump on a phone call. We are mobile these days, but it seems our infrastructure doesn't always accommodate that mobility. That's why two New York City entrepreneurs got the Bright Idea to create a modern workspace for people on the go."

CNBC Nightly Business Report

"The airport was busy, but the Jabbrrbox was still. $15 for solitude began to seem like a bargain, and a sort of giddiness over the obvious satisfaction of the concept despite my initial hesitations took hold. Was any price too high to get away from the bustle of it all? “I love this,” I messaged my co-worker. “This is the greatest decision I’ve ever made.”"

The Outline

"LGAairport travelers looking for quiet space to work while waiting for a flight now have access to private booths equipped with Wi-Fi." ✈️


"Why the ‘Zipcar for Travel’ Installed 8 Office Pods in LaGuardia Airport"


"A Place for Inside-the-Box Thinking"

New York Times

“In every aspect of modern life, we can see a trend toward mobility, notably in the increased presence of laptops, tablets, and smartphones in the public sphere,”

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